Lex SF

Welcome to this woman is YOU. My name is Alexis Rentas and I started this blog to share my stories, in the hopes of inspiring and connecting with others. I believe in this crazy idea that we are all one, that we are connected by the Spirit that dwells within us and in all things.  I’ve been through so many things through my journey and have been eager since very young, to share my experiences with the world. On my journey to find my mission, to fulfill my purpose and to serve humanity in the highest way I can, I have learned some valuable nuggets. Have I gotten anywhere? Well, it depends on who you ask! I’ve worked my ass off to get to the source of my sadness, the depths of my subconscious and the reason for my existence.  I plan on sharing this all with you, who is an aspect of me, and vice versa. A disclaimer, I don’t do love and light or spiritual glamour. My energies are intense, for the purpose of transformation. We live in trying times and the only way out is through. My purpose as a being, is to work through myself and support others in doing the same. My belief is that this is the only way this world will shift. True transformation, true awareness and true awakening isn’t pretty. It’s messy, it has ups and downs but it’s real, grounded in truth, supported by Spirit and it works. My prayer is that together we can find a way, a source or simply share our journeys, or whatever Spirit intends.
I am a native New Yorker through and through and a mother to four amazing children. I studied Healthcare Management at New York University and proceeded to spend 23 years as a Healthcare Administrator in both the public and private sector. I am a certified Kinesiology and Reiki practitioner. I am passionate about human rights and am a self-described revolutionary, I am currently self employed and a writer.  The epitome of Transformation in human form, I am constantly reinventing myself and working to reach my fullest potential while fulfilling what I deem my main purpose in this life, to serve and inspire others.

I currently practice in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.