Welcome to This Woman is YOU

Welcome, I hope as you explore this website/blog it offers inspiration, acceptance, space, trust and love for yourself and others. In addition to my personal blog, I offer Reiki, Kinesiology and Detox services out of my space in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

I am also known as @la_luna228 (a combination of her birthday and my deepest source of inspiration, La Luna (The Moon). I have over 8 years of experience and wisdom in Shamanic healing and Awareness and Consciousness work. My work integrates both new and ancient Shamanic traditions in addition to my own personal journey and experiences. I aim to source my clients to their most inner authentic self as well assist in the process of any healing and personal coaching as needed. Connecting you to the your own inner Shaman.

A disclaimer, I don’t do love and light or spiritual glamour. My energies are intense, for the purpose of transformation. We live in trying times and the only way out is through. My purpose as a being, is to work through myself and support others in doing the same. My belief is that this is the only way this world will truly shift to benefit humanity as a whole. True transformation, true awareness and true awakening, isn’t pretty. It’s messy, it has ups and downs, but it’s real, grounded in truth, supported by Spirit and it works.

“Serving others is by far my greatest passion”

Alexis (@la_luna228)

Mad love…